5 Essential Landscaping Considerations

Landscaping can often seem overwhelming and a huge undertaking for any homeowner. The effects, however, can completely change a home and improve a space. This is why you’ll always hear people saying, “A house isn’t a home until it has a garden.”

Whether you want to touch up some areas around your garden or completely overhaul your landscape, there are a number of things you need to consider and plan before you begin your landscape construction in Durham.

Site Analysis

The first step of any landscaping begins with the site analysis. Taking stock of what already exists in the space is important as it will give you the parameters within which you can work. This can include things such as:

  • Size and shape of the space
  • Slopes and peaks
  • Natural drainage patterns
  • Immovable objects


One of the most important factors to consider before beginning your landscape construction in Durham is to decide on how you want to use the space. Once you have decided on this, it will be far easier to determine how your space should be designed. After all, the needs of an entertainment area are entirely different from those of a vegetable garden.

Climate and Environment

Taking note of the regional climate is crucial in ensuring your plants are capable of surviving. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when undertaking landscape construction is to plant certain plants just because you like them, without considering their climate needs. Additionally, placing certain plants may be useful for things such as regulating surrounding temperatures, light and sound levels, as well as wind protection.


A brilliant place to start when determining a theme for your landscape is to consider the architecture of your home. This will help greatly when it comes to unifying the space between your home and garden. Working around existing focal points such as large and beautiful trees will result in a far more desirable aesthetic when compared to the alternative of tearing it down.

Light and Water Considerations

Similar to climate, considering where the sunny and shady areas are in your garden will allow you to select plants that thrive in each respective area. Additionally, different plants require different amounts of water. Each plant has its own specific needs, and so it is important to design with this in mind.

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