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Fall Landscaping Tasks In Oshawa

Winter has rolled into town but don’t let it squash your gardening enthusiasm. This is the time to get your spring preparations in order. The better the prep of your landscaping in Oshawa, the better the display! Landscaping Preparation For Sprint Interestingly enough, it is not recommended that you tidy

Choosing The Right High-End Pool For Your Home

Before diving into size, depths and shapes, it is important to note that there is no perfect swimming pool. It is all subject to unique factors – your unique factors. To make your perfect high-end pool choice, let’s look at some averages and important factors for Ontario pools. High-End Pool

Important Items to Include in Pool Design

A pool is a great financial and quality-of-life investment. It will add family fun, increase your property value and improve your lifestyle. Pool companies traditionally focus purely on the pool but overlook advantageous landscape options like the addition of a fire pit, a patio, or layered shade. At Salix Nurseries,

Which Pool Should You Choose For Your Garden?

When starting the path of pool installation designs for your home, there are many questions that need to be answered. The 2 top decisions to resolve are colour and material. Here is a helpful guide to get those answers: Colour Choice The water colour of a pool needs to tie

How to Match Your Landscaping to Your Home’s Architecture

Designing your landscape can be as challenging for a homeowner as writing a book. That blank page can be overwhelming. A helpful tip to get you going is to see your landscaping in Whitby as an extension of your home’s architecture. Consider the colours, the textures, and the flow just

Sustainable Landscaping Tips And Solutions

Are you tired of looking out at your disinteresting garden that contains little plants and even less wildlife? With the rise in awareness around sustainability, it is crucial to consider your own carbon footprint on our earth. Thankfully, there are many ways to decrease your carbon footprint by improving your

Keeping Your Garden Green All Year Round

A lush, colourful and green garden is the envy of every homeowner, but many haven’t quite mastered the art of maintaining the lustre of their gardens throughout every season. While not everyone is endowed with green fingers and a natural ability to bring out the best in plants, knowing a

The Top Landscaping Trends for 2021

With more and more people spending time at home in 2020, the focus around living spaces has increased dramatically. As a result, people have begun to take advantage of their outdoor spaces too. With this, there has been a growing trend in home renovations and landscaping because if you are

5 Essential Landscaping Considerations

Landscaping can often seem overwhelming and a huge undertaking for any homeowner. The effects, however, can completely change a home and improve a space. This is why you’ll always hear people saying, “A house isn’t a home until it has a garden.” Whether you want to touch up some areas