The Top 2022 Landscaping Trends For Your Garden

Lately, everyone seems to be turning towards finding alternative and enjoyable pastimes. People find themselves drawn to hobbies such as art, baking or gardening. But hobbies are no longer just reserved for your spare time. People are nurturing theirs and incorporating these into their everyday lives. From investing diligently in their gardening to learning about new updates, for some it is important to keep up with all the new trends. And we want to encourage our fellow gardening enthusiasts to dive fully into the world of landscaping in Oshawa.

Gardening can positively contribute to your life and wellbeing. It is a good mood booster, provides you with a generally no-fuss sanctuary zone and can even have you eating healthier. In this blog post, we explore some of the latest trends for you to find inspiration from to get going.

Birding Delights to Revel In

A thriving garden is the result of your consistent work and a carefully crafted ecosystem. A thriving garden will also attract birds of all sorts. And a growing trend that many are following is the installation of a birdbath. You can gently encourage their visits with a birdbath for them to drink and bathe in water. Birds can keep away overpopulated insect species that may be eating their way through your garden.

Eat Your Efforts 

People are planting more fruit and vegetable seedlings than ever before. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) The pandemic had people stretching out their pantry before their next shop. 2) People are becoming more conscious of what they eat and are gravitating towards organic, wholesome foods. It is also quite easy to get started, with people taking their vegetable scraps and simply plopping them into the soil.

Returning to Nature

Many are seeing the sustainable benefit of using wildflowers in their garden. Using these flourishing, easy-to-grow plants to fill up your garden can be cost-effective and a good way to bring in colour. Wildflowers are usually non-invasive, and that’s important to balance the delicate ecosystem your garden may be built on.

Overall, we believe that the most significant gardening trend for 2022 is the big push towards it. It’s a quickly expanding community because individuals are seeing the immense value it can add to their lives.

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