Choosing The Right High-End Pool For Your Home

Before diving into size, depths and shapes, it is important to note that there is no perfect swimming pool. It is all subject to unique factors – your unique factors. To make your perfect high-end pool choice, let’s look at some averages and important factors for Ontario pools.

High-End Pool Running Costs

The bigger the pool, the bigger the budget required, including the monthly operating budget. Add water heating to that, and size becomes a critical factor. Using a variable speed pool pump can help reduce running costs, but heating is extremely expensive.

The Law Of High-End Pool Averages

Let’s look at some averages as a point of departure for your decisions:

Average in-ground and above-ground pool size in Ontario: 16’x32′ is the average size, and it considers efficiencies, contemporary plot sizes and costs of operation. Pools are also shallower nowadays, with deep ends between 5′ and 6′. However, for a family of six to eight people, you would need an 18’x36’ pool to avoid feeling cramped and allow for games.

Above-ground pools are generally smaller and with less volume than inground pools. Their size is, on average, about 15’x30′. There is usually a single depth of 4′.

What is the average pool size in gallons? 17,280 gallons – based on a 16’x32′ size, a 3.5′ shallow end and a 5.5′ deep end. A boutique hotel swimming pool could be as large as a 20’x40′ pool with a 9′ deep end resulting in 36,000 gallons of water. Both of these pool sizes will look big when you stand next to them. 16’x32’ is not small.

An above-ground pool volume is approximately 13,500 gallons.

How is the average pool depth? – 4′ deep is the average for an above-ground pool, and inground pools tend to have a 3.5′ deep shallow end and a 5’-6’ deep end.

Good Sizes For High-End Pools

Do you want a lap pool? – A recommended minimum length for a lap pool is 30′, but 40′ is a better length. A recommended minimum width is 8′, but in an inner-city, tight plot, you can get away with a 6′ width, side to side. If you can’t accommodate 30′ in length, consider installing a swim jet system or tether system.

Do you want a games pool?– A recommended minimum size for playing games is 16’x32′. A rectangle is a great shape for games. By keeping the deep end at 5′ or shallower, you allow for more game-playing space.

How to choose the high end swimming pool size for your Ontario property comes down to:

  • Property size
  • Initial budget
  • Operations budget
  • Pool usage.

Remember to consider decking space around your pool and in your budget, as well as landscaping adjustments.

Give our pool and design team a call with any high end pools questions you may have in Ontario and benefit from their experience.