3 Ways to Embrace High-End Landscaping

To make your outdoor space aesthetically pleasing, consider applying a few strategic philosophies to create an oasis and refuge from the outside world. High-end landscaping lends an excellent bone structure to all gardens, irrespective of size and style.

With a few approaches to your garden’s design, you will bring a spark and fresh zest without necessarily sticking to any new trend.

Using Natural Materials

Natural elements bring warmth and an organic component to an already natural setting. Stone, wood, larva, brick, and flagstones create a welcoming landscape aesthetic. They tie different sections of your garden together to create an excellent flow. This cohesion invites you to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the garden, and you linger longer in its tranquillity.

Consider adding:

  • Natural pathways made up of stepping stones, and meandering stoned paths with grass curb trims add to the whim of a meadow-like garden or a touch of softness to a minimalist one.
  • Wooden and stone accessories, like crafted pieces such as a wooden pergola or a stone bench, add depth and texture to your landscaped oasis, not to mention their functionality.
  • Water features, whether a gentle waterfall or a pond, are lovely and calming for the senses, invite wildlife, and introduce biodiversity into your garden.

Making the Most of Your Space for Maximum Visual Impact 

Different heights and shapes allow your eyes to rest on various sections of your garden, again drawing you in. They help divide your outdoor space into parts and provide you with privacy. Some examples include:

  • Vertical gardens. These are great for introducing texture, making clever use of space (especially in small gardens), and providing shelter against the elements if constructed as a divider.
  • Container planters. Imagine a row of planters with medium-height plants linked around an alfresco patio in summer. You can move them to line up your pathway in winter for easy walkway visibility.
  • Retaining walls. These can also be constructed from natural materials besides concrete and are great for adding dimension to your garden by planting lawn-contrasting plants behind them. They are also functional for slowing soil erosion and lower maintenance costs caused by floods.

Aligning With “Older Trends”

By embracing old trends and making them continuous practices, we ensure the continuity of elements that have existed for some time. Let’s dust these off and apply them to our 2023 landscaping approach:

  • Climate awareness. Plant native plants and those that withstand drought.
  • Wildlife consideration. Introduce pollinators, e.g. herbs and a pond.
  • Low-maintenance gardening. Consider ornamental grasses.

To explore these landscaping ideas and more, contact us at Salix Nurseries. Our expertise, exceeding 30 years in the industry, is testimony to the dedicated professionalism we bring to our excellent high-end landscaping services, including on-site contouring, building retainer walls, water features and ponds, and laying patio slabs.