How to Create a Unique Backyard Oasis

At a particular time of year, when winter has turned a corner, we all experience a glimmer of days that will be warmer and sunnier. It’s an exciting prospect, especially regarding your home and how you can make it even more comfortable and fun for your family to enjoy summer.

Water has always been an enduring feature that enhances our social lives and psyches. Embarking on a pool installation project is a wise investment on all fronts. You are guaranteed a spectacular garden oasis when your pool is well thought out and customized according to your specifications. Not to mention the boost it will give to your property’s value!

3 Elements of a Customized Pool

Pool Shape & Size

When choosing the size of your pool, consider the size and layout of your garden. If you wish for a smaller pool, you might conder an L-shape. Oval or round complement larger pools and rectangular pools are more classic and suit users who like to swim laps.

Pool Type & Depth

You can select an inground or semi-inground for your pool based on your preference. Then there is a decision about the type of pool you’d like, e.g. fibreglass, steel, and concrete or vinyl liner. The deciding factor can be the costs and the installation time.

Decorating Ideas

Here’s where the fun begins! Decide what style you want for your decor, such as minimalism, zen, retro, or classic. Consider chaise lounges, poolside beds, umbrellas, planters, and other pool accessories. It’s also important to consider the lighting in both the pool’s surroundings and under the water.

Consult Your Local Pool Master

Consider a few critical elements before installing a pool on your property, not only for the expected result but also for your council’s regulations. Professional pool experts are interested in learning about your needs and expectations. Together with reliable architects and experienced land surveyors, they design the perfect pool for your property and figure out the appropriate pool sanitization system and housing for the motor.

How Salix Nurseries Can Get You Swimming This Summer

Salix Nurseries is a reputable pool installation company servicing the Ontario region for over thirty years. Our dedicated and experienced designers and installers share the same work ethic to respect your property while constructing the most luxurious pool suited to your needs and garden aesthetics. You’ll love our artistic approach to your family’s highly anticipated swimming pool and the attention we pay to detail and customer satisfaction.

Get in touch with us today and let’s start your customized pool installation project together!