Combining Hardscaping and Softscaping to Turn Your Dream Into a Reality

There are so many aspects of landscaping to consider when you want to take on a new project. If you have a mental image of how you would like to style your outside canvas, Salix Nurseries can sculpt and chisel the way to perfection.

Read on to discover the difference between hardscaping and softscaping, and how these two aspects come together to form a landscaping construction masterpiece. Only when put together can we see the full picture of the beauty that these elements bring to the table.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place 

Landscaping, such as adding concrete walls, light posts, stone pathways, gazebos, and even outdoor kitchens would be considered hardscaping. As a general rule, anything that is hard and inanimate fits directly into this category. These aspects of the landscaping are set in stone and unchanging. They provide structure, and utilizing the right materials creates harmony with the softscaping additions or focal points.

A garden without these added features may look barren or like a complete jungle. Furthermore, placing a secured body of water as a feature in your gorgeous backyard paradise requires the unmoving and unchanging security of hardscaping elements.

Softly Outspoken 

In contrast, the softscape is filled with living elements like trees, grasses, and flowers. Anything that provides that soft movement of nature and flow, which lives, breathes, and grows, comprises softscaping.

Adding softscape horticultural elements into your garden ties in and magnifies all the structural elements in place from the hardscaping. Plan ahead by making space for the growth of your chosen plant life, and watch your canvas grow and adapt over the years.

Unified Beauty 

While these two aspects of landscape construction are complete opposites, they come together to form something truly magnificent. By bringing together different mediums for artistic expression within the garden, you will create a well-rounded and balanced visual experience.

With this new differentiation in your vocabulary, you can plan what materials will complement your vision and allow our team to manifest your project.

Contact our creative and passionate team at (905) 985-1003 today for more information and quality service. Bring your vision into a spectacular reality, benefiting from a balanced landscape construction.