How To Keep Your Garden Beautiful all Year With “Dwarf Evergreen” Shrubs and Trees

Summer’s the perfect time to start working on your garden landscaping in Port Perry. The sun’s out, which makes us all excited to spend some time with our hands in the soil or relaxing outside on our picnic blankets.

As you plan your landscaping upgrades, remember that you can design a garden that looks beautiful all year round ‒ even during the cold months. In this blog, we’ll share how to keep your garden beautiful all year with “Evergreen Dwarf” shrubs and trees.

Why We Love “Evergreen Dwarf” Shrubs and Trees 

Not all of us have large, spacious land to work with to plant larger shrubs and trees. That’s why there’s such an appeal to dwarf or compact species, suitable for the biggest and smallest of gardens and spaces.

The best part? They’re generally low maintenance.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite “Dwarf Evergreen” trees and shrubs to help you start thinking about which ones will work best for your garden. Let’s get started!

Dwarf Boxwood 

The Dwarf Boxwood is one of our favourites as it is extremely low maintenance when planted alone, growing round with a flattened surface. This species is also commonly used as a hedge or screen. In this case, your main maintenance would be regular, light pruning.

Mountain Laurel 

The Mountain Laurel boasts beautiful white and pink blossoms with purple accents and rich green foliage. For it to thrive, be sure to plant your Mountain Laurel in an area with full sunlight and partial shade in the afternoon.

Encore Azalea (Autumn Lilac) 

Many associate the beautiful Azalea with springtime blooms. As it turns out, the Encore Azalea blooms in spring, late summer, and fall. It’s no surprise that this species is a popular choice for so many gardens with their bright-coloured flower masses.

Crape Myrtle 

The Crape Myrtle is a small to medium-sized shrub that grows in a vase-like shape and has a flat top. The Crape Myrtle is popular because of its gorgeous crepe-like petal flowers and almost-pink mottled bark.

Compact Rosebay Rhododendron 

The Compact Rosebay Rhododendron has both beautiful flowers and foliage. They are very recognizable, with their long oval shape and rich green tones, boasting clusters of pale pink blossoms that cover the whole shrub in the spring.

What’s Best For YOUR Garden? 

While we’ve only listed 5 species above, there are many varieties of “Dwarf Evergreen” species available. At Salix Nurseries, a landscaping business in Port Perry, we specialize in dwarf and compact materials and will help you come up with a plan for your garden or land, aiming to keep it beautiful year-round.

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