Unique Natural Stone Additions for Your Ontario Garden

Utilizing natural stone in outside spaces is an ingenious way to bring a sophisticated twist into your natural relaxation space. Stone can also be used in interior design additions, such as unique countertops, or you can keep it in the garden, where it will surely be the focus of much attention.

Placed inside or outside, you can create beautiful spaces with these additions!

A Stone Fireplace

Done right, a stone fireplace can bring a medieval yet oddly tantalizing effect into an otherwise boring area. With the ability to place this feature inside or outside, your family will enjoy gathering around the warmth and ambiance during those cold winter evenings. Placed inside your home, this feature will have a unique feel and placed outside, the natural stone will bring a clean and polished style into your outside sitting area.

Either way, this beautiful addition to your space creates room for connection and quality time with the family.

A Stone Fountain 

In our professional opinion, designing and building a natural stone water feature is a must! This could potentially be the focal point of your garden, or something more hidden away, like a secret treasure.

Surrounded by rustling reeds, koi fish in your pond and an aesthetic bench, water cascading down into a pool of tranquility, will draw the attention of anyone lucky enough to spot it.

Treat yourself, your family, and friends to a personalized peaceful space in your garden.

Stone Seating  

Whether surrounding a fire pit or built around a statement outdoor dining table, stone seating plans can provide a truly unique spectacle. Working with our team of professionals will help to give it a polished, yet natural look, as if it was always there!

Stone Walls 

For the ultimate sophisticated design, our team will work with you to help you decide how best to incorporate stone walls in your garden. Get rid of the idea of fencing marking off boundary lines or your pool area. Instead, get innovative, with smaller barriers in your garden, or add creative style to your everyday garden wall with our natural stone options.

Get in touch with the professional and creative Salix Nurseries team today for personalized designs using natural stone in your Ontario garden. Browse our gallery for some inspiration.