Important Items to Include in Pool Design

A pool is a great financial and quality-of-life investment. It will add family fun, increase your property value and improve your lifestyle. Pool companies traditionally focus purely on the pool but overlook advantageous landscape options like the addition of a fire pit, a patio, or layered shade. At Salix Nurseries, we partner with Signature Pools, so our clients get a complete entertainment area when undertaking a pool installation.

We have compiled some pool installation requirements to help you compile your unique list.

Site Grading

Pools obviously need loads of soil dug out or relocated for gradients. It is important to have a landscape consultant involved to guide the pool company on proper grading so that mulch, mud, or other landscape elements don’t get washed into your sparkling pool or beautiful deck.

Retaining Walls

Multi-layered pool designs can incorporate the use of retaining walls to create different planes of interest or to prevent soil erosion. Sometimes a sloping yard that is levelled off in an area for the pool can result in future erosion or runoff problems. Retaining walls are a solution for these issues.

Patio Material Upgrades

Poured or stamped concrete is a favourite of pool companies as it’s inexpensive and easy to install, but it has many downsides, including a lack of aesthetic appeal. Natural stone adds a level of beauty that is hard to match. Travertine, for example, is less slippery when wet, stays cool underfoot, is durable, and will not crack like a concrete slab.


Walkways and steps can create lovely points of interest and movement, but if they are not done well, they will detract greatly from the beauty of your pool. Consider upgrading existing walkways and steps and use new ones to stop feet wearing a path into your lawn.

Fire Features 

Installing a fire feature near your pool will be a coup de grâce! It can be a wood burner or use a gas line. Sitting around the fire at night with the beauty of the lit-up water nearby will create a very impressive and thoroughly enjoyable entertainment area.

Plantings, Stone And Lighting

The surrounding landscape is essential, and you need to choose plants that, for example, provide year-round colour, don’t drop fruit or seeds into the pool, and provide privacy screening.

Stone is preferred over mulch near pools. Use a medium-sized stone as tiny pebbles can make their way into the pool.

Lighting is vital for interior and exterior design. It is functional, creates a magical ambiance and highlights areas of interest when done well.

When undertaking a pool installation project, it is best to address the surrounding area and all the uses of that area upfront. Retro-fitting can be problematic if you haven’t left enough space for a patio or fire pit, for example.

If you are considering a pool installation, contact our experienced team of creative landscapers, and we will consult with you in conjunction with the Signature Pools team.