Which Pool Should You Choose For Your Garden?

When starting the path of pool installation designs for your home, there are many questions that need to be answered. The 2 top decisions to resolve are colour and material. Here is a helpful guide to get those answers:

Colour Choice

The water colour of a pool needs to tie into your exterior architectural theme as well as meet your personal preferences in colour. The choice is shades of green or blue, although we have seen a red pool. The water will look different in the morning or afternoon, in the full sun, and under clouds. The shallow end will always look lighter than the deep end. To achieve a blue to blue-green colour, choose white, blue or pale gray finishes. To achieve a deep aqua-green colour, choose black, brown, tan, or green pigments.

Now let’s look at material options.

Gunite Finish

Gunite is a very popular finish for pools as it is very durable and suitable for all shapes and sizes. A rebar framework is built into the ground cavity and is sprayed with a cement slush.

Due to its versatility, you can add various features to the pool, such as waterfalls, custom steps and shorelines. In addition, the pool can be heated, and fibre optics can be installed in the mortar for an underwater starry sky effect. The versatility means you can achieve the style, colouring and budget you need.

Fibreglass Finish

Fibreglass suits most sizing and shapes. The pool is pre-moulded and delivered to the site in one piece. They can be heated, and fibre optics can be pre-installed.

Fibreglass pools are quick to install, are more resistant to algae growth (versus gunite) and have more stable pH levels. They never require resurfacing but must be protected 100% from the sun before the water goes in or peeling will occur. You must also oversee your PH levels to avoid damage.

Vinyl Finish

The vinyl liner is between the water and the pool structure and locks into a top track located underneath the coping or deck. A sand or cement-like floor, under the lining, meets with galvanized steel or thermoplastic 3 ft by 8 ft wall panels. All of these panels are secured together.

Vinyl pools are cost-effective and do not crack like some concrete pools. In addition, a vinyl liner is algae resistant, and there are unlimited sizes and shapes.

You will need to change the liner over time. You can add a heater, waterfalls, etc.

Get help today with your pool installation, design and material choices from our experienced team. We will ensure it integrates beautifully with your garden!