Manufactured Stone vs Natural Stone: Which is the Best Choice for Your Garden?

When you’re looking to introduce stone elements to your garden, such as pavers, bricks, etc., you have two main choices available: natural stone and manufactured stone. While both options can add immense value to your outdoor space, it is important to understand the key differences so that you can make the right choice for your Ontario property!

Natural Stone is Natural, While Manufactured Stone is Not

It should go without saying that natural stone products come from natural sources, such as limestone, lava rock, granite, and many others. In contrast, manufactured stone is usually made from dyed concrete and is designed to look like natural stone.

Many people consider natural stone to be ‘more beautiful,’ as it is often more complex in colour and texture. With that being said, manufactured stone can look very realistic, and because it comes in uniform shapes, it can often be easier to work with.

Natural Stone Lasts Longer than Manufactured Stone

While both options are exceptionally durable, natural stone is usually stronger and longer lasting than manufactured stone. Manufactured stone can last decades, while natural stone can last centuries!

Manufactured Stone Usually Offers More Options

Natural stone bricks and flagstone can sometimes be quite limited, depending on the sources currently available. On the other hand, manufactured stone usually comes in a much wider variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Manufactured Stone Typically Costs Less Than Natural Stone

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider manufactured stone over natural stone, as manufactured stone products are usually significantly cheaper. But if you are looking to make an investment to last a lifetime, natural stone may be the right choice for you.

Environmental Considerations for Both

When responsibly quarried, natural stone is a sustainable resource as it is a renewable and natural material. Although manufactured stone can be partially made from recycled materials, it still requires energy-intensive manufacturing processes and may not be as environmentally friendly as natural stone.

Ultimately, the choice to use either natural stone or manufactured stone is entirely up to your desired aesthetics, budget and maintenance requirements.

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