Pool Installation and Trees FAQs

As landscapers who also do pool installations, we field many questions about existing trees or new trees in gardens and their relationship with the swimming pool. We have collated the most frequently asked ones and are answering them here today.

Should All Trees Near the Pool Be Removed?

Many clients feel removing all trees near the pool is necessary to avoid leaves dropping in and root damage.

The correct approach is to list the trees you have and ascertain what they drop and when they drop these. If seeds and nuts are being dropped, then it is best to move or remove the trees. Leaves might not be such a problem if they are dropped in winter, as this is usually the season that you cover your pool.

Shade is the other factor to consider, as few people enjoy swimming in the cool shade. However, partial shading of the pool might be quite enjoyable if you are in an area that gets blistering hot days.

Remember, however, that the sun does assist with warming your pool water, especially if you have a solar absorption cover.

Can a Pool Be Installed Close to My Trees?

It is best to build outside of the tree’s footprint. The tree top is usually the same size as the root system. Depending on your property’s size and spacing, it’s best to build your pool at least 2m away from trees to allow sufficient space for their root system.

Can Tree Removals Be Done After a Pool is Installed?

You can do that, but it will probably cost more. The process will be more complicated for the tree arborist if they have to work around the pool, which will increase labour and equipment, as there is an increase in risk to the pool paving and edging.

Can Tree Stumps Be Left Near a Pool?

If a stump is in the footprint of your pool area, it is advisable to remove them completely and not just grind them down. The reason for this is that their root system will slowly decay, and as their material and bulk break down, there will be multiple voids left. These voids will fill with soil which causes the top level to subside, and if your pool paving is over that area, it will subside too.


If your garden is an oasis of trees and you want to install a pool, you can set your mind at ease by letting one of our professionals have a quick look at the pool position you would like.

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