Sustainable Landscaping Tips And Solutions

Are you tired of looking out at your disinteresting garden that contains little plants and even less wildlife?

With the rise in awareness around sustainability, it is crucial to consider your own carbon footprint on our earth. Thankfully, there are many ways to decrease your carbon footprint by improving your sustainability around the home. One such method is sustainable landscape construction.

With the myriad of innovations in landscaping trends, there are many options available to you when redesigning your garden, which can be an exciting process.

Here we take a look at the best ways you can undertake your new landscaping project while being sustainable at the same time!

Absorbent Surfaces Over Hard Surfaces

Enjoy the satisfying sound of gravel crunching under your feet? Installing a new gravel surface is not only great to look at but also helps with rainwater runoff. Having a more porous surface allows water to slowly seep into the ground, decreasing soil erosion and keeping drains from filling up too quickly. It’s important not to treat rainwater as waste for gutters but rather as a valuable resource. Plus, it’s great for your soil!

Make Your Garden A Bee Sanctuary

Ever heard the saying, ‘the hum of the bees is the voice of the garden’? Having bees in your garden means that you’re doing something right, and your plants and flowers will thank you for them. To create a garden where pollinators are welcome, make sure to plant wildflowers and native plants in your area. When your native plants flourish, so do visits from birds, bees and other pollinators, creating a garden full of the sounds of nature.

Conserve Existing Plants

Speaking of native plants, it’s important to preserve the existing plants on your property as best you can while you’re undergoing landscape construction. Removing all the existing plants from your property for new, better-looking plants or a water feature will disrupt all the natural processes in your garden. In addition to this, it’s important to also remove non-indigenous plants from your garden that are causing more harm than good.

Are you ready to start your new landscape construction project? At Salix Nurseries, we’re in the business of creating a beautiful haven in your house while being sustainable at the same time. Contact us today for all your landscaping needs!