How to Match Your Landscaping to Your Home’s Architecture

Designing your landscape can be as challenging for a homeowner as writing a book. That blank page can be overwhelming. A helpful tip to get you going is to see your landscaping in Whitby as an extension of your home’s architecture. Consider the colours, the textures, and the flow just as you would for an interior room.

Here are some more tips from our experienced landscape designers:

Colour Base

When choosing your garden’s colour palette, we recommend that you choose shades that complement each other, i.e. they are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. So, for example, if your home is warm-toned, then choose warm colours in different shades and tones and choose varieties of cool colours if your home is cool-toned. Your home will therefore be the bridge between the different colours chosen.

Landscape Lines

Does your home’s architecture have many straight hard lines or curving arches and flourishes? Do you have sidings or claddings creating borders and overlapping planes?

A crisp architecture sits well in a crisp landscape with elements such as straight paths, straight columns, and squared walls. Consider rigid plants or ones that can be pruned into crisp shapes. A home with arches and flourishes would like meandering paths and curved retaining walls. Consider fuller flower beds and softer, unstructured plants.

Mixing Elements

Retaining walls and stone walkways will work in a crisp or curvy landscape. If your home has stone features or steel or timber cladding, try and use those elements in the garden. Blend different textures and colours just as you would in the interior design of your home. Create diversity, a few feature areas and try to incorporate some gentle surprises. Map out all your decisions and start digging. You will have achieved a landscape that will receive many ‘wow’ comments.

If you want professional help with your landscaping in Whitby, call our experienced team today. We will make your dream become a reality, from backyards to expansive plots and courtyards – our care and skill will delight you!