The Value of Trees in Your Landscape Design

Planting different plants and trees is a great way to bring life and colour to your landscape design in Ontario. Before planting new trees and shrubs, it’s important to know why you want the trees as well as which trees will suit your landscape and add to its design.

Here we look at the various reasons to plant trees in your garden.

Reasons to Plant Trees in Your Landscape

  • Privacy

Instead of creating a private space using a fence or wall, you could plant fast-growing trees. Trees are effective at keeping privacy while adding a natural beauty that a fence is missing.

  • Beauty

If you’re looking to bring more beauty to your landscape, be sure to plant flowering trees that will give your space a pop of colour, especially during the Spring and Autumn months. Adding a variety of flowering trees or trees with different textures will make for an aesthetically pleasing space to show off to guests.

  • Shade

Trees naturally bring more shade and cooling to not only your outdoor landscape but your property as a whole. In the Summer months, you can relax in the cool outdoors under a tree as well as reduce your need for air conditioning. If you’re looking for more shade, be sure to choose a tree with a broad canopy.

  • Wildlife

You can bring life to your landscape in different ways, such as creating a habitat for more wildlife. Trees are the natural homes for many animals and are a great way to invite birds, squirrels, rabbits or even deer into your backyard. Various trees will encourage different animals to visit, so be sure to plant the right trees, and you may start birdwatching in your free time.

  • Fruit

If you would love to pick fruit in your backyard, you may want to plant some fruit trees and see how they fare. The easiest fruit trees to plant in Ontario are pear, plum, apple, peach, and cherry trees.

At Salix Nurseries, we are professionals at landscape design in Ontario and can help you plan the best outdoor space to relax in. For more information about landscape design, including where to plant which trees, give us a call today!