Increasing Your Home’s Value With a Pool

The last few years have left many of us relishing our spare time at home. For us homeowners, we have started investing back into our homes by renovating our properties to make them enjoyable, a sanctuary that we can live in and work from comfortably. We all want spaces that work, that are functional but are also easy to relax in. And because of that, the one consideration you may be weighing up is a pool installation to update your property.

Here’s why we think a pool would be a great addition to your home.

Pools Have a High Entertainment Value 

People generally gravitate towards a pool, making you the popular neighbour on your street. It can be the centre of your party, ideal for firing up your grill in sweltering summers. Heated pools can also be used in winter to help you wind down on chilly weekends.

Pools Can Save You Money 

Surprisingly, pools can save you money in the long run. Many people flock towards the beach in summer because of the heat. But if you have a pool, you won’t need to pay for a family holiday. You can enjoy cooling down in the comfort of your own backyard without the hassle of paying for fuel or other travel expenses.

Pools Can Update Your Outdoor Space

Bare gardens can sometimes be unsightly to the average homeowner. It can feel far too open and empty. And if you are not a nature lover, planting to fill up space may not sound very appealing to you. But if you install a pool, you can easily add character to your backyard with a complementary surrounding landscape design.

For some, pools may seem like just another unnecessary cost. Others may find that it can be the one installation to uplift your home. People can quickly dismiss the value of a pool, noting that once the novelty wears out, you are unlikely to use it. And even our Canadian winters are an excuse for some, deterring them from going ahead with the decision. However, pool technology has come a long way, and pools can be used year-round.

Ready to upgrade your backyard with a pool? Speak to us at Salix Nurseries to learn more about our water features, ponds and pool installation and planning services. We guarantee exceptional workmanship because of our years of experience.