Trendy Water-Wise And Earth-Conscious Landscaping Ideas For 2023

New year, new garden? Landscaping adds to the holistic image of your property to create your home’s identity. The art of landscape construction is ever-evolving around the world, and Durham should be no different.

As leaders in the landscaping industry, we identify ourselves as artists who are always looking out for or creating the newest trends in landscaping for our clients. Hopefully, this blog provides you with some inspiration and motivation to transform your property this year.

Check out some of the water-wise and earth-conscious trendy landscaping that came out last year and is sure to make a statement in 2023.


Terracing is generally used in larger spaces and farming, being a sloped piece of land that essentially looks like steps going down. Many people are unaware that terracing can be used on a smaller scale for gardens.

Not only is it visually pleasing, but there is also a practical use for the method. Terracing slows down the movement of water and therefore helps your garden get the most out of the rain. This is better for the environment and can save you money on your water usage.

Gravel Walkways

Landscaping does not need to be confined to lush green and colour all over your garden. Having gravel walkways will give an aesthetically pleasing break in all the green and colour surrounding it.

Not only does it help keep everything looking neat, but having gravel walkways instead of grass also means less costly maintenance. As long as the walkway was constructed correctly, there should be minimal upkeep required.

Garden Ponds

Providing a tranquil space for you to unwind after a hectic work day, who doesn’t love a garden pond? They can range in size, but even a small pond makes a big difference to your overall landscaping. Ponds can also become beneficial sanctuaries for local wildlife and help plants grow.

If you are looking to add a statement piece, consider constructing a bridge over your pond so you and your guests can get the full benefit and experience.

Are looking for a professional team to help with these trending ideas or carve out your own landscape construction project ideas in Durham? Reach out to the Salix Nurseries team today so we can guide you on designs, and provide you with beautiful landscape builds to uplift your property.