Top Water Feature Trends: Some Style to Your Pond or Pool

Adding natural features to your home can bring a soothing atmosphere to your outdoor space. Recently, there has been an increase in interest in installing ponds, fountains, waterfalls or bubbling rock, and we are here to help you follow this trend. Here are some of the latest water feature technology trends and popular style trends.

The Latest Water Feature Technology Trends

Innovative Technology Provides Convenience

Using innovative technology to control your home is nothing new. We all know that it has made life a bit easier for those of us who cannot be home to turn the feature off and on. This can be done using favourite apps such as Alexa or Google Home.

Solar Technology Can Help You Save Money

The great thing about solar technology is that it has multiple benefits. It not only eliminates the ongoing costs of electricity needed to power the pump and lighting. Solar Panels are also easy to install for those building a pond or pool from scratch but might be more difficult for those using an existing structure. 

Popular Style Trends

Water Feature Lighting Adds Atmosphere To The Area

Introducing lighting to a water feature allows it to be visible at night and adds ambience. Popular trends include adding lighting under the water, incorporating an LED into the waterfall and adding low voltage lighting to the walls of the feature.

A Fire Pit Provides A Tremendous Outdoor Social Spot

A cozy fire makes people feel relaxed and welcome. As a result, fire pits have become a big trend and come in various shapes and styles. It is especially well-known in areas that have colder weather conditions because it allows people to be outside and stay warm. 

Pondless Waterfalls Adds A Modern Style To Your Garden

A pondless waterfall is a setup with a basin or a bed of gravel, where the water disappears into, and the water then recirculates back through the system. Recently many have added some features to these waterfalls to add more style. The most popular trends include natural stone streams, wall fountains and contemporary stand-alone structures. 

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