Which Decking Option is Best for Your Pool?

You have planned your pool, and the landscaping design looks amazing but deciding on the right decking is making your head pound. Here is an overview of the options collated by our pool installer team of professionals in Ontario.

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What is The Benefit of Pool Decking?

The decking area of a pool creates an important buffer area between the garden and the water and provides a stable surface for furniture and accessories.

The buffer space between the garden and the water prevents grass cuttings from pouring into the pool and reduces the amount of mud or sand being walked into the pool. If sloped correctly, it directs streams of garden or rainwater away from the pool.

The Concrete Decking Option

Nowadays, there are so many different finishes available for concrete installations, and technology has revolutionized the product. It is also attractive because of its affordability and durability.

Some of the different finishes are:

  • Broom-swept – The sweeping action on drying concrete creates a subtle anti-slip surface, but it might scrap the derrieres sitting on it. Market pricing ranges from six dollars to twelve dollars per square foot.
  • Coloured – The swept finish and others can have colour added (pre-installation). This gives a more sophisticated finish than plain grey. However, some contemporary homes fit in well with a grey pool surround. The disadvantage is that future repairs will have colour patches as the colour match will be very difficult.
  • Stamped – The mixture is usually coloured as well. You can choose from:
    • A stone slab pattern
    • A brick paving pattern
    • A stone paver pattern
    • Ceramic tile pattern
    • A wood grain pattern

When the concrete has cured, it is sealed. This can increase the slip risk slightly. Market pricing: fourteen dollars to twenty-three dollars per square foot.

  • Textured – This is hand-patterned or with a saw. Market pricing: ten dollars to twelve dollars per square foot.

The Paver Option

There is a wide range of options in this category, including size, colour, texture and installation patterns. Market pricing: six dollars to forty-six dollars per square foot (installed).

Any breakages in future are easily fixed with a replacement paver.

Pavers made from concrete are the most affordable and must have a sealant finish.

Pavers made from stone come at a higher price but have lovely texture options and colourways. They are more resilient to UV and seldom crack.

A brick paving option can give an interesting, detailed finish. Patches that don’t get enough sun will grow moss which is a slip risk.

Timber And Wood Plastic Composite Options

Timber – The cheaper the timber, the less your deck will withstand mould, insect infestations, moisture absorption and decay, so invest in quality timber.

Timber options encompass teak, mahogany, cedar and pine. The first two have the best durability performance, including resistance to pests. Market pricing: twelve dollars to seventeen dollars per square foot.

Wood Plastic or Polymer Composite (WPC) –  This is a mix of wood pulp with recycled plastic. It resists pest infestations, decay, splintering and is low on maintenance. Market pricing: starts at fifty-eight dollars per square foot installed. Pricey up front but cheaper in the long run.

Note: it can get very hot underfoot, like concrete.

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